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2019 Spring Flag Football:


Hi FYF Families,

Thank you for the overwhelming feed-back for Spring Football!    

Here is the deal…we are looking to start the season the last week of March (30-31) and end the second weekend of June (8-9).  Both weekends and week of April break will be off, so we are focusing on 9 weeks.  It will be 90 minutes a week and we are working on finalizing the days for each division as soon as possible.  We have done our best to work with Lax and both baseball leagues to avoid overlap but we understand there will be weeks that not everyone will be able to attend.  We want to give kids an outlet to continue to play when it works while being respectful to the traditional spring sports!  


The 90-minute format will be 30-45 minutes each week of drills and development followed by 45-60 minutes of a game/scrimmage.  

Our goal is to let kids have fun and develop them to be ready for the upcoming fall season as well as introduce kids who have not played yet to our league and how much fun it can be.  Teams will be a little mixed up from the fall due to coach availability and turnout, but it won’t matter as there will be a lot more co-coaching and development across every level while having a ton of fun!  We are hoping to lean on some of the coaches from the tackle program to assist in this development for kids who are hopefully looking to move to tackle come the fall.

The cost will be $150 to FYF (the town tacks on $25 field use fee) and players will get uniform, belt and some FYF swag.  A $25 discount will be given to siblings in program.

Registration will close Wednesday, March 6th.  Please reach out to your friends and push the word via social media since this is the first time we have done such a program.  KINDERGARTEN parents we ESPECIALLY need your support now that you know the classmates in your child’s grade, let them know what a great experience it was and that it is a great introduction to get ready for the Fall program as a 1stgrader!!!  

As always, we would love to have any coaching support available as we know conflicts will exist. 

Thank you for considering FYF and for playing football!  As always please reach out with any questions.  Brendan Sullivan, 203-940-1888,


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